The Sturdy Horse

Natural feed alternatives from Colorado. We help you build solid sturdy horses using real feed. There are no fillers, additives, fortified ingredients or chemicals in our products. Hard keeper to hard worker. We have your horses, pets and you covered, naturally.

Here is one case study:

Xiroma, an off the track racehorse, arrived at our facility in the spring of 2019. He had been on a strict exercise regimen and had been raced consistently until a month prior to his arrival. Therefore, and not to our surprise, he had poor foot health. To our understanding this can be a very common occurrence in many off the track thoroughbreds. It was then that we discussed the matter with our farrier, who informed us that Xiroma’s sole depth was less than ¼ inch thick. This led to Xiroma damaging his lamin and later discovered that his coffin bone had been chipped because of the trauma. We knew then that we had to get to the source of the issue, his diet.

Sturdy Horse Performance supplied us with the means to get Xiroma “back on his feet”. After just 2 months of feeding, Xiroma’s new foot growth was substantially healthier. You can see the difference in growth above the red line.

Today, Xiroma is perfectly sound and, according to our farrier, he has great foot health. We have found in the past 2 years of feeding Sturdy Horse feeds, that our horses have resulted in having very healthy hair, foot, and coat health.

Here at Last Frontier Ranch, we believe in the presentation of good looking, healthy horses. That is why we continue to feed Sturdy Horse feeds to all of our horses.

Caleb & Brandy Hindi – Last Frontier Ranch

See the difference in growth above the red line.