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NCHA Weekend – Heartland Circuit

June 1 - July 2


June 1 – 2, 2024 | CHA of Nebraska, Kearney, NE

KEARNEY – Join the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) in Kearney, Nebraska, for two days of your local circuit cutting competition. NCHA Weekend is a unique show experience and a provision of the National Circuit Program that celebrates the weekend cutter. During June 2024, 14 of NCHA’s circuits will hold one exclusive event that will be the only approved event within the circuit. Produced by local NCHA affiliates and show producers, designated NCHA weekend shows may offer double circuit points, added money, and weekend awards. This exciting competition features cutting horses and riders across east Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska.

Event Details:

  • Date & Time: June 1 – 2
  • Location: Buffalo County Fair Grounds, Kearney, NE
  • Highlight: Cutters competing at their appropriate NCHA Weekend may earn double points, prizes including custom Gist Silversmiths buckles (in select classes) and added money. Attending NCHA Weekend is an important component when calculating circuit championship qualification and circuit year-end standings.
  • Free Admission: The NCHA Weekend cutting is FREE to watch. This is a family-friendly event, and we invite all ages. Please note that dogs are not allowed in the expo center.

Schedule: The full schedule of weekend events is on the NCHA website (https://www.nchacutting.com/ncha-shows/coming-events).

What is cutting?

The term cutting refers to the act of separating one cow from a herd of cattle. The sport of cutting involves a horse and a rider and a herd of cattle.

Cattle are herd animals.  One cow will instinctively try to return to the group.  Knowing that, a horse and rider team will quietly ride into the herd, select and “cut” off, or separate, one cow from the group (letting the unpicked cows return to the herd behind) and then prevent that cow from rejoining the herd – until they decide to let it go.  Keeping the cow separated requires incredible intelligence and physical ability on the part of the horse.  Once the cow is separated, riders are no longer allowed to use their reins.  Trained cutting horses are required to think on their own and anticipate and react to the cow’s moves.  The competition is judged based on many factors – difficulty and how well the horse anticipates and reacts. This is the only equine competition where the horse is required to think for itself.

More information on the history of the NCHA and cutting can be found on our website: https://www.nchacutting.com/members/getting-started

NCHA Circuit Program:

The National Circuit Program was conceived and implemented with the goal of promoting and growing the sport of cutting at a local level.  It allows world-wide weekend cutters the opportunity to earn national recognition through local competition.  The program divides the NCHA membership population into sixteen (16) geographic groups called “circuits.”

Cutters earn points within one (1) circuit by competing in NCHA-approved weekend competitions.  Both types of approved weekend shows, Championship and Challenger shows, award circuit points.  Earned points are tracked by the NCHA office and used to determine circuit championship qualifiers, national circuit championship qualifiers and circuit award recipients.

Qualification: NCHA members are encouraged to compete in their local circuit. Family, friends, and the general public are welcome to come and cheer on their favorite riders, horses, and trainers. To find out more about your circuit, please visit our website at https://www.nchacutting.com/ncha-shows/circuit-program/know-your-circuit. 

Media, Marketing, and Sponsors:

Media and marketing opportunities vary within each circuit. To find out more, please contact your show secretary. For media inquiries or sponsorship opportunities regarding the NCHA, please contact Carley Myers at cmyers@nchacutting.com.

Social Media:

Hosts and attendees are encouraged to tag #NCHAWeekend as much as possible on all Social Media posts before, during, and after the event. We would love to have you tag the NCHA on Facebook: National Cutting Horse Association, Instagram: @nchacutting and on Tiktok: @NCHACUTTING.

Learn More:

Visit the official NCHA website at nchacutting.com or follow NCHA on Facebook (National Cutting Horse Association) or on Instagram (@nchacutting) for the latest updates.

How to Join:

The NCHA offers FREE membership to new members for the first year! Join the NCHA family here. First-year membership includes a FREE online version of our magazine, Cutting Horse Chatter.

For more information on the NCHA or upcoming events and schedules, please check out our website at nchacutting.com.



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