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Colorado Horse Source is an independently owned and operated print and online magazine for horse owners and enthusiasts of all breeds and disciplines in Colorado and surrounding areas. Our contemporary editorial columns are predominantly written by experts in the region, covering the care, training, keeping and enjoyment of horses, with an eye to the specific concerns in our region.

Why Colorado? Several years ago Karen visited Colorado Springs for an American Horse Publications Seminar. While riding through Garden of the Gods, she fell in love with the beautiful red rock formations and the desert landscape. The climate and riding opportunities were conducive to health conditions for both her family and her horse, April. When a best friend moved here three years ago, she kept urging Karen to move. The sunshine and year round riding was all it took to convince Karen it was time for a change. In April of 2021, Karen and her husband Mark moved the farm, business and home of over 32 years for a new adventure in Colorado. And so the Horse Source continues to expand.

The Horse Source Team

Karen Pickering

Owner/Publisher Karen’s lifelong love of horses began at a very early age when she wore out a couple of rocking horses before convincing her parents to get her the real thing. That ill-tempered bay gelding, Brandy, was a challenge for the young horsewoman, but it drove her ambition to become a horse trainer. After attending Canyonview Equestrian College’s Horsemanship Program, Karen realized she needed work that was a little more lucrative than training, so she took a job with Customs Brokerage to pay the bills. There, she discovered an affinity for computers and a talent for creating informative, entertaining newsletters. The Northwest Horse Source began as such a letter in December 1995, with a distribution of 1000 copies for its 12 black and white pages.  Now, over 27 years later, it’s grown into two print and online magazines and websites with a reach of over 20,000 per month and growing! Then the Colorado Horse Source Magazine and website launched in March of 2022. Not bad for the results of one woman’s dream to work with horses! Learn about the new venture here.

Today, Karen remains involved with every aspect of the magazine and treasures the community of thousands who share a common passion.

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Kim Roe

Kim grew up riding on the family ranch and competed in Western rail classes, trail horse, reining, working cow, and hunter/jumper. She trained her first horse for money at 12 years old, starting a pony for a neighbor.

Kim has been a professional dressage instructor in Washington state for over 30 years, training hundreds of horses and students through the levels. In recent years Kim has become involved in Working Equitation and is a small ‘r’ Working Equitation judge with WE United.

Kim is also the editor of the Northwest Horse Source Magazine, and also a writer, photographer, and poet. She owns and manages Blue Gate Farm in Deming, Washington where she continues to be passionate about helping horses and riders in many disciplines.

Randy Bourland

Art Director for both Northwest and Colorado Horse Source Magazine.
Randy’s background is Graphic Arts and Communications. He’s been on the team since 2006.

Doug DeVries

Doug supports our web-related activities including hosting, search engine optimization, web development, and troubleshooting.

Mark Pickering

Husband, repairman, a little bookkeeping, and travel companion.

Nicole Sorbo

Nicole has a life-long love and respect for horses, having grown up with horses, training, trail riding and competing since a very young age. Nicole’s professional strengths lie in social media and reputation management, website management and a wide variety of administrative business support skills. She worked for The Northwest Horse Source for several years in the past and recently joined our team again, working for both the Northwest and Colorado Horse Source Magazines. Nicole lives near Colorado Springs and spends a majority of her free time in the beautiful Colorado parks and trails, with Prairie, her beloved husky mix.

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American Horse Publications, the premier association for the equine publishing industry, has recognized NWHS for General Excellence at their annual awards program multiple years.


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