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The Language of Equus: Unlocking the Secrets of Horse Body Language

January 21 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm MST


This Clinic is being presented by Arapahoe Community College in cooperation with the Temple Grandin Equine Center and CSU Spur. There is no charge to attend the Clinic but you must register at Arapahoe.edu/equine.

Horse body language is a fascinating aspect of equine behavior that can reveal a lot about their emotions, intentions, and overall well-being. This clinic will teach participants to recognize and understand what your horse is trying to tell you.  From the position of their ears and tail to the movement of their head and body, horses communicate through a complex system of signals and gestures. By understanding and interpreting horse body language, handlers and riders can better understand their horse’s needs and respond appropriately, ensuring a harmonious and mutually respectful relationship.

Horses also use their body language to establish social hierarchies within their herd. Dominant horses often display assertive behaviors such as lifting their heads, arching their necks, and pinning their ears back to communicate their authority. Submissive horses, on the other hand, will lower their heads, avert their gaze, and may even turn their hindquarters towards the dominant horse as a sign of deference. Additionally, horses use their body language to communicate their boundaries and set personal space. They may swish their tails, stomp their feet, or flatten their ears when feeling crowded or uncomfortable. By understanding and respecting these signals, we can build trust and effective communication with these magnificent animals.

Basic horse body language

Signs of relaxation and stress in horses

Facial expressions and eye movements

Body posture and positioning

Signs of discomfort or pain

The meaning behind tail and ear movements

Vocalizations and their meanings

Gestures and movements of the head and neck

Signs of fear, aggression, or submission

The importance of body language in horse-human interactions


January 21
10:00 am - 1:00 pm MST
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Arapahoe Community College
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Temple Grandin Equine Center, National Western Complex
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