August 2019 Cover Story: Northwest Metal Supply Goes Above and Beyond

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August 2019 Cover Story: Northwest Metal Supply Goes Above and Beyond

Beautiful, Strong Structures and Making a Difference in the World

By Kim Roe


August 2019 Cover Story: Northwest Metal Supply Goes Above and Beyond
Gambrel with Lean To. Photo courtesy Northwest Metal Supply.

Todd Stern, owner of Northwest Metal Supply knows the importance of a well-built barn. Raised in Western Montana on a cattle ranch, Stern has seen first-hand how severe weather and large animals can destroy many structures. He knows tough materials and a good design are essential to keeping his customers satisfied.

Stern’s personal experience growing up on the ranch makes a big difference in the lives of ranchers, horsemen, and anyone else who needs a building that can stand up to the extremes of heat and cold, wet, and wind that the Northwest brings. His experience also lends a hand in the design phase, where he and his team help with needed suggestions for what works (and what doesn’t) for an agricultural structure.

Northwest Metal Supply has a team of consultants all over the Northwest that sit down with customers to discuss their dreams and desires. Then using special design software, they create a 3D design of their building that is engineered to work perfectly for the customer’s needs and setting. In just 4-6 weeks their building will be delivered to the property ready to be built.


SimplyTough Buildings

August 2019 Cover Story: Northwest Metal Supply Goes Above and Beyond
Photo courtesy Northwest Metal Supply.

Northwest Metal Supply is an authorized dealer for SimplyTough™ Metal Buildings. SimplyTough is a metal building brand based out of Sacramento, California that uses cold-formed steel to construct their buildings. Cold-formed steel is a material of exceptional uniformity and consistency that doesn’t rust, shrink, or split, won’t absorb moisture, and resists warping, termites, and fire. The framing is lightweight, strong, and easy to install. The fact that it’s lightweight also reduces shipping and construction costs. Customers can install it themselves or hire a local contractor.

Cold-formed steel is made from high quality sheet steel that’s formed into C-sections and other shapes by rolling the steel through a series of dies. No heat is required to form the shapes (unlike hot-rolled steel).

Northwest Metal Supply customers have many building styles to choose from in the SimplyTough line that are customizable based on their needs. Everything from horse barns and riding arenas to other agricultural buildings, shops, RV storage, homes and cabins – even fire stations have been designed using SimplyTough buildings.


Making A Difference

August 2019 Cover Story: Northwest Metal Supply Goes Above and Beyond
Todd Stern in Rwanda. Photo by Susan Stern, courtesy Northwest Metal Supply.

Todd Stern and his wife, Susan, stand out in their community—not just as business owners but as people who believe in giving back in meaningful ways both locally and globally. They’ve volunteered many times with Habitat for Humanity and even provided free roofs for them and others in need when they owned an exterior remodeling company several years ago.

But their biggest commitment has been to a boy named Davontea who they’ve mentored since 2005 through Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Davontea was 10 when they were first matched and is now almost 25 years old. He lived with them in Idaho for 2 1/2 years while he attended Boise State University. He’s a part of their family and they are committed to his well-being.

The Sterns also have an ongoing commitment to two girls in Rwanda who are the same age as their own daughters (6 and 8 years). They began sponsoring the girls in 2016 through a partnership with Africa Bright Future School and have even met them and visited their homes in Rwanda. They plan to sponsor them through high school and university if they are given that opportunity in their country.

If you’re dreaming of a high-quality steel building to protect your horses, your vehicles, or yourself consider reaching out to Todd Stern with your vision. Northwest Metal Supply, along with the outstanding buildings made by SimplyTough, will help turn your dreams into reality.


August 2019 Cover Story: Northwest Metal Supply Goes Above and Beyond
Todd and Susan Stern with their daughters. Photo by Susan Stern, courtesy Northwest Metal Supply.

For More Information visit, call 833-NW-METAL (696-3825), or email


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