Fine Tines Manure Fork Saves Time and Bedding

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October 2017This is the only fork designed for use with pelleted bedding and sawdust. The 30 tines (compared to most other forks that are 18 tines or less) are closely arranged to get even the small stuff. New angled basket will filter out debris 5/16″ or larger and will allow for more sifting, saving time, money and labor. Made of a poly blend for durability and resistance to breakage.

Fine Tines Original is 17-inches wide. The Fine Tines Junior is 13-inches wide and is ideal for a miniature horse. Both have a 54- inch hardwood handle.

Available from Nature’s by Woodgrain Millwork and many feed stores nationwide.

NWHS Publisher’s Recomendation:

I’ve had one of these forks for at least 10 years. It has been the most resilient fork I’ve ever owned. I use the Junior fork which works great for my miniature horse. I use it with Nature’s bedding pellets. You won’t find a better product for cleaning your stalls if you use pelleted bedding or sawdust. I definitely recommend it. – Karen Pickering


Originally Published October 2017 Issue

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