Industry News: Hay Steamers Add Hay Safety to Travel, Remove Bacteria & Dust, Boost Horse Respiratory Health

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To ensure hay quality, reduce dust irritants, and maintain nutrients, hay steaming is the way to go for optimal horse health

Recently The ECCO FEI World Championships were held in Herning, Denmar. Among scores of considerations for traveling with an equine to an international event, hay quality and gut health are paramount. Many owners have found steaming hay valuable in ensuring consistently hygienic, healthy hay.

Here are a few testimonials from world champions as to why steaming hay brings peace of mind to owners and health benefits to horses:

Lillie Keenan – US Show Jumper

            “We do not leave a stone unturned: the horses’ care and health are paramount. Traveling around the world, the quality of our hay is inconsistent.. Our horses are not coughing as much,[and] they are breathing easier in work and when it’s time to eat.”

Brian Moggre – US Show Jumper

“The biggest thing for me is knowing that our horses have bacteria and dust free hay wherever we are stabling at a show or laying over… We used to wet their hay, but that washes the nutrients out. Steaming keeps the nutrients in the hay and that is critical for horses at this level of the sport.”

Beth Underhill
 – Canadian Jumping Team Member

“Horses at this level have to be able to jump 1.6M, and at speed. Respiratory recovery and the ability to access oxygen are critical, so respiratory health is a huge priority in our program.”

Noni Hartvikson
 – Canadian Para Dressage Team Member

“My veterinarian, Dr. David Paton, recommended looking into a hay steamer as a good way of keeping the dust down.  It surprises me how much dust and allergens are in hay. The steaming really gets all that out. I’ve found it to be tremendously beneficial to reduce the dust and allergens”

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