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Two Fair Mares introduces The Neigh Station, a 3-in-1 activity center, featuring components that are designed to keep horses entertained and stimulated. The product includes a shatterproof mirror, designed to provide visual contact for horses that are separated from their stable mates; sliding latch with clicking sound that is fun for any curious horse and provides needed oral stimulation, which may prevent cribbing and chewing; rope with detachable rider toys—available in a Western or English model—which encourages play.

“Horses, like people, need creative outlets to increase happiness and reduce stress,” says Two Fair Mares founder and owner, Susan Lyon. “The Neigh Station also helps to minimize unwanted horse habits, which are widely linked to anxiety and frustration.”

The Neigh Station offers stimulation that is essential for horse wellbeing. The importance of visual stimulation: Horses are herd animals, naturally seeking the company of companions. Equine behavioral studies often find stalled horses are happier with a mirror or enrichment tool. The importance of oral stimulation: Stalled horses are often fed “meals” instead of being able to graze; however, a horse’s preference for continual grazing is both psychological and physiological. The importance of play: Curious and inquisitive, horses enjoy play. In the absence of other equine companions, leisure-time should include something to keep horses occupied and engaged. For more information and supporting studies, please visit 


Published June 2012 Issue

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