Safe-Fence from Powerfields Produces Safe and Attractive Fencing

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Safe, low cost, ease of installation, attractive, and long-lasting—these are the pillars of the design philosophy behind Safe-Fence, the steadfast flagship of Powerfields’ fencing business. Located in Idaho’s Treasure Valley, theirs was the first American-made electric polytape available in the U.S. and the first polytape designed for permanent installation with a 20-year warranty.

Back in 1991, Safe-Fence heard what horse people wanted in fencing products. In the initial development they asked horse owners to pinpoint their greatest concerns, and realized they needed to design a product that had little or no potential for injury and had to cost less than wood, vinyl, and even woven wire. Finally, the fencing had to be a better deal in the long run than the cost of risk involved with high-injury wire.

Safe-Fence Electric System securely contains animals with minimum installation effort and maximum visual appeal at an affordable price. The makers of Safe-Fence believe that responsible horse fencing must hold horses securely throughout normal daily activities, but in cases of violent impact the fence must release the horse without injury or major damage to the fence.

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Published February 2019 Issue

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