Master Your Mountain Trail Pattern

Proper Preparation Necessary for Success by Mark Bolender   The most important thing a judge should see when you run a Mountain Trail pattern is a partnership between horse and rider. Show a horse that has been properly schooled and trained. Memorizing a pattern will feel overwhelming at first, but …

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Mountain Trail – an Exciting New Discipline

Fun for Participants and Spectators by Mark Bolender The new discipline of Mountain Trail is in exciting times. For the past six years Mountain Trail courses have been built across the globe. An association known as International Mountain Trail Challenge (IMTCA) has been established along with affiliates in Canada, Germany, …

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Teeter-Totter Demons


Helping the Fearful Horse by Mark Bolender   Mastering the teeter-totter is, for the most part, a simple task for the horse and will only take a few minutes. However, if it has been improperly taught it can be difficult to correct. I have had three very tough horses to …

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Mastering the Ladder


Careful Training Leads to a Bold, Confident Horse by Mark Bolender   Riding a horse through rugged mountain trails is something many people do on a daily basis, especially in the western United States. It’s anybody’s guess what sort of obstacles you and your horse might encounter on these trails, …

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The Northwest Horse Fair and Expo 2016: A Rousing Success!!

Thousands of equine enthusiasts from all over the United States and Canada, gathered in Albany, Oregon March 20th through the 22nd, for the seventeenth annual Northwest Horse Fair and Expo, presented by Akins Trailer Sales. One hundred ninety horses, representing 31 equine breeds were on hand to perform for audiences, …

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Maintaining Mountain Trail Obstacles

Keep Your Obstacles Safe with Spring Maintenance by Mark Bolender   Spring is here and the mountain trail obstacles are being put to use again. Now is the time to check all the obstacles for safety and needed repairs. When obstacles are used on a daily basis one does not …

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