The Ultimate Guide for Horses in Need

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In the United States it’s estimated that almost 150,000 horses per year are unwanted. This number grows exponentially when you consider horses worldwide. What is “unwanted”? The term is used to refer to horses who are old, injured, sick, unmanageable, or fail to meet expectations. The horse may have a lameness or illness…or he could just be the wrong color or gender. His problem could be life-threatening or chronic and manageable. He may have a mild behavioral problem or a severe one.

The good news is that these days more and more individuals are choosing to give an unwanted horse a second chance. Whether through purchase, adoption, or rescue, the horse in the wrong situation has a chance to find his way to the right one.

Dr. Stacie Boswell’s goal is to restore health and comfort to every horse in transition, and to help him learn how to function as the horse he is expected to be. She has compiled hundreds of case studies highlighting the areas of concern in the horse in need, and details methods of handling common medical problems and health issues such as nutrition, dentistry, deworming, hoof care, traumatic injury, and emergency rescue scenarios. Dr. Boswell then explains the ways that, as a new horse is rehabilitated physically, specific training techniques can help him adapt to the positive changes in his care and environment.


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Article by Dr. Stacie Boswell


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