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Courtesy Road To The Horse
Photo Courtesy Road To The Horse

The road never ends at Road to the Horse, instead it is the beginning of a journey filled with opportunity and purpose. There is no set map of a Road to the Horse colt following the event, each colt is filled with the visions and dreams of the gentle hands which they are destined to be in. Road to the Horse colts are one thing, they are versatile. If you have a dream, they will be your partner to achieve it. Road to the Horse is extremely proud of every colt that has graced the arena at the World Championship of Colt Starting and in celebration of their success, each colt’s story is now recorded at www.RoadtotheHorse.com for all our fans to enjoy.

Some colts, like the dearly loved Swampy, live in the limelight, while others have a just as critical role, teaching a young child to ride or helping a busy soul escape from the everyday stress of life on the trail. Fans can now go to www.RoadtotheHorse.com to learn more about a colt’s bloodline, their personalities and they can enjoy current photos and videos of each colt’s progress.

Each week, more colts will be added to our star filled lineup. Fans with Road to the Horse colts that would love to share their story can email Tammy Sronce at tammy@roadtothehorse.com.

“Where Are All the Pretty Horses, has been one of the most endearing projects we have done so far. We smile, we laugh and we tear up as we see all the Road to the Horse Remuda horses living the lives God intended for them” says Road to the Horse Owner/Producer Tootie Bland. “From champions to companions each holds a special place in my heart, yes I am the stage mother to them all and I am blessed.”

As well as celebrating our past graduates of Road to the Horse, preparations are well underway for Road to the Horse 2017. Barbara Cox, wife of undefeated four-time Road to the Horse World Champion Chris Cox will compete for the World Championship of Colt Starting title. Wife, mother and successful Reined Cow Horse competitor, 2017 will mark the very first time Barbara Cox has walked into the round pen at Road to the Horse.

NRCHA World Champion Sarah Winters Dawson, is a Road to the Horse veteran and will return in 2017. Dawson is not only a past competitor at Road to the Horse, she has been her father’s Pen Wrangler every time he has stepped into the round pen at Road to the Horse.

Road to the Horse 2017 will return to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY, on March 23-26, 2017. Road to the Horse 2017 tickets are available online at www.RoadtotheHorse.com or by calling 877-772-5425.  Follow Road to the Horse on Facebook for the latest information


About Road to the Horse 2017 (March 23-26, 2017 – Lexington, Kentucky):

A vision of Steven and Tootie Bland, Road to the Horse was created with passion and perseverance. Steven and Tootie were believers in a message they wanted to share with the world. The message: create a relationship which is based on a foundation of trust with the horse, and everything else can be accomplished. Fans at Road to the Horse, follow the journey and witness an accumulation of a lifetime of passion and knowledge be put to the test as elite clinicians from around the world face off for the coveted World Championship of Colt Starting title. Fans witness partnerships develop before their very eyes, they witness the setbacks and witness the triumphs, as competitors build a relationship with an untouched 3-year-old American Quarter Horse which will then be put to the ultimate test, where only one can walk away with the World Championship of Colt Starting title.

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