Whinny Warmers: A True Gift for the Senior Horse

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Horses and holidays go together. In the Netherlands, Sinterklaas arrives on a great white horse known as Schimmel or Amerigo, who trots across the countryside visiting schools and homes. But unlike a quaint folktale, older equine companions suffering from arthritis, or circulation-impairing diseases like Equine Metabolic Syndrome (“IR Cushings”), founder, and laminitis find winter’s chilly nip more painful than cheerful. In a 2011 American Horse Publications survey, over 52.6% of equine owners considered senior horse health issues to be their top concern. “The above statistic should restore our faith in American equine owners and how much they put into the elder horses in their care,” says Raymond Petterson, president of Sox For Horses, Inc., who created Whinny Warmers® to give warmth and comfort to his own horse that suffered from arthritis. Metabolically challenged horses can have difficulty adjusting to cold temperatures, especially those that have experienced founder or chronic laminitis, where blood vessels in legs and hooves have likely been damaged and circulatory efficiency has been compromised. This damage can worsen in cold weather. Keeping a horse’s legs warm by using Whinny Warmers® can help those compromised blood vessels. Equine leg wear is not just for the senior horse. Warming legs prior to competition can also help minimize the chances of injury to muscles and tendons and to protect against summer’s biting flies, Summer Whinnys® provide safe, effective protection. Visit www.whinnywarmers.com or call Sox For Horses, Inc. (850) 907-5724


Published December 2012 Issue

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