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Equina Vet is an equine nutritional company that was founded over 35 years ago in Germany by the brilliant scientist and horseman, Klaus Beckmann. Equina produces a complete line of supplements that adhere to the meticulous standards of the maker. The protocols for sourcing and production are unsurpassed. Klaus was unique in his commitment to produce only what he knew would be absorbed and utilized by the horse, never to stretch the reality of what a supplement could accomplish, and only to include ingredients that would work synergistically together in production, storage, and digestion by the horse.

EquinaVet, now operated by Klaus’ daughter, Janine Lanfer, serves 10 countries across Europe, the Middle East, and North America. The company has served many of the top equestrians in Europe and is now in the United States. Equina USA is a small business operated by a local equine veterinarian, Dr. Sara Perkins, of Rainier, WA. Their goal is to spread the knowledge and benefits of the Equina supplements to horse owners throughout the USA, starting with the Pacific Northwest.

Equina USA has created a solid line of supplements for their customers. They have knowledge and understanding of the products on a practical and scientific level and work closely with their colleagues in Germany to acquire information. Equina USA is part of the horse industry as owners, breeders, and competitors, as well as through the veterinary practice. Equina USA continues to provide information and make these unique products easily available throughout the US.

“I chose these products over any other because I believe in the science behind them,” says Dr. Perkins. “The mindset and the regulations in Germany are more accurate and realistic as far as what can be put in a product in terms of effectiveness and bioavailability. In other words—what is on the label has been proven to be needed by the horse, can be digested by the horse, and is formulated in a way that preserves the potency of each ingredient.

“The sourcing of ingredients is unsurpassed and the methods of manufacturing the products are under the highest standards of quality control. The company does not make unrealistic claims of what nutritional products can do and they do not make products for commercialization; they only make products that have scientifically been proven to accomplish the purpose they claim.

“Most importantly, I could see the difference in my own horses after being on the products.”


Photo by Boaz Dov Elkes Photography

“As a 5-year-old, and just 6 months into his race career, KG Cash (Festus) was diagnosed with exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage. After a round of antibiotics and several months off, he was back in the barrel pen and running on Lasix. While Lasix controlled the bleeding, Festus was still anxious at the trailer, in the warm-up, and at the gate.

“In February of 2021 I started using Equina products. Adding Equina supplements is the only change I’ve made to his feeding and exercise regimen. Festus gets Maganutril Ultra and Myofortil, but the game changer has been Haemoxil. Since adding Haemoxil on race days, Festus stands quietly at the trailer, warms up like a champ, walks flat footed in and out of the arena, and consistently lays down winning runs. The credit goes to Haemoxil and the Equina line of supplements.”

– Riley Harper, owner/rider


Photo by Striking Chestnut Studio

“Lotus is an 11-year-old, 17.1 hand Danish Warmblood gelding. He is competing this season at Prix St. Georges and intermediare 1. He is a big horse who struggles to keep fitness and he tends to have tight muscles and not enjoy grooming. The biggest thing I have noticed after starting the Myofortil Ultra is that I feel like I have more gas in the tank; it feels less like I am driving with the emergency brake on.

“Over time, coupled with regular body work, he is also now learning to enjoy grooming. His muscles feel significantly better and he has handsome dapples and a shiny coat. I am pleased with this product.”

– Garyn Heidemann


For more information and to order products visit www.equinausa.com

Phone: 360-480-5694


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