ResqRanch – Evergreen, Colorado Animal Sanctuary Works to Educate, Inspire, and Transform Horse Training

Emblaze raced 51 times in her racing career and now enjoys the good life at The ResQRanch. All photos courtesy ResQRanch

Dr. Jena Questen is a veterinarian and professional animal trainer who’s passionate about helping animals of all kinds. As a veterinarian who combines traditional and holistic veterinary medicine, she also uses the science of animal behavior to improve the lives of horses, dogs, cats, and even pet fish. Her wish is …

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Stallions – Can We Improve their Welfare? Alternative Methods for the Management of Breeding Stallions

Ulke Jildert, a purebred Friesian stallion owned by Dawn Ianson of British Columbia. Photo permission of Dawn Ianson

Breeding stallions are some of the most expensive horses in the world.  Their semen can sell for millions of dollars so it’s reasonable for their owners to want to keep them safe. This commercial value has often led to stallions being kept in conditions that limit their ability to express …

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Create Climate Resilience on Your Horse Property – 6 Ways Horse Owners Can Help the Earth

Rotational grazing improves pasture productivity. Photos from Alayne Blickle

Climate change is a defining issue of our time, and we’re at a pivotal moment. From shifting weather patterns that threaten food production to rising sea levels that increase the risk of catastrophic flooding, the impacts of climate change are global in scope and increasing at a mind-numbing rate. Climate resilience is the …

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Conservation Planning for Your Equestrian Property – Use the National Resource Conservation Service for Healthy Horses, Healthy Environment, and to Save Money

Every equestrian property owner understands the effort it takes to care for horses. Cleaning stalls, mending fences, and maintaining buildings alone can be a full-time job. Another element that can be just as challenging is caring for the land. Horses place a significant amount of stress on pasturelands and the …

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