Trail Savvy: How to Purify Water

Avoid Waterborne Disease in Remote Areas This isn’t the stone age, and we’re civilized. We shouldn’t drink out of ponds, puddles, or streams anymore. When we extend our adventures and visit remote areas that don’t have reliable, clean water sources, we need a dependable way to ensure that our drinking …

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Youth in Action: Summer Williamson Has a Talent for Sorting

summer by karen
Photo Credit: TheOmegaKira, Jonathan Lindsay

The Colorado horse source is celebrating youth in action. This column features young equine enthusiasts from all over Colorado who inspire, uplift, or just have fun with horses. The future of the horse industry depends on youth participation. We look forward to sharing their stories and adventures!If you’re 18 years …

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New & Noteworthy: 2023 Citizen of the West

Citizen of the West
The National Western Stock Show is proud to name Matthew Mead its 2023 Citizen of the West.

Former Wyoming Governor Matthew Mead is the 2023 Citizen of the West. The National Western Stock Show proudly announces former Wyoming Governor Matthew Mead as the 2023 Citizen of the West. This prestigious award recognizes those who embody the spirit and determination of the Western pioneer—a true representative of Western …

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