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Seeing Bruce in action has been a thrill. He has such a way with horses and people! I witnessed his methods at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo a couple years ago and then again at the Mustang Summit in Westcliffe, Colorado this past summer. Check out his website and see if there’s something there that resonates with you. Enjoy! 

~ Karen Pickering, Publisher NWHS/COHS

Offering Equine Assisted Services to Help Horses and People

What is your name and the name of your business?

 Bruce Anderson of Natural Humanship™

Where are you located?

Camden, South Carolina

What equestrian disciplines are you involved in?

Our training programs are helpful for young horses, problem horses, and horses moving up the levels in any training method or discipline. We offer in-depth equine assisted services through sessions based on personal skills, developing the mental tools of patience, problem-solving and communication. Sessions may be offered in collaboration with licensed counselors as requested, depending on the need of the client.

Photos by Julianne Neal, JA Media Productions

What breeds have you shown or trained?

 Bruce Anderson began his work with horses on the family cocoa estate in Trinidad, representing his country on the National Show Jumping Team before moving on to breeding farms in the U.K. There, he earned an agricultural degree and later worked in the racing industry. He eventually moved into the hunter/jumper A show circuit in Florida and South Carolina. Bruce was brought to the Bahamas in 2014 to gentle the last Abaco Island Horse, Nunki. His most recent work has been with mustangs through the TIP Program.

Years in Business?

27 years

What are your goals for your business?

Our goals for the next year are addressed through Bruce’s work in Natural Humanship™ methods and The Marley Project, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to equine-assisted services including equine-assisted learning, equine rescue, and equine based public service projects. The foundation provides and supports programs for mental health and wellness, equine experiences through arts and literacy integration and collaborations with local charity organizations.

Funding donations to the non-profit provide scholarships and learning programs for law enforcement, educators, caregivers and children. Our goal is for donations to fully support our work with the rescue horses used in our programs. Bruce’s most recent work with Mustangs has provided the catalyst for publishing our first book, “IN Working with Horses: Building the Mental Tools to Discover the Authentic You,” and building the Natural Humanship™ certification and online course series.

Do you have any accomplishments or titles you’re especially proud of?

 A selected presenter for the 2018 World Equestrian Games, 2020 EQUITANA USA, 2022 and 2023 Art of the Horseman Fair and 2018-2024 Equus Film Festival featured clinician and mustanger, Bruce works with counselors and mental health professionals, law enforcement agencies, school and church groups across the southeastern US to provide equine assisted services. He was certified through the Mustang Heritage Foundation‘s Trainer Incentive Program. His work is featured on the EQUUS Television Network.

Are there any affiliations, organizations, or clubs you are involved in? 

Bruce has been certified/affiliated with the following organizations during his career:

What is your training philosophy?

 Bruce believes that it’s in working with horses that we build our inner tools and become who we were born to be. He calls this “the you”. Out of his journey, he developed his unique approach to equine assisted learning. Rather than focusing on the end state of achieving a goal with the horse, Bruce’s Natural Humanship™ method helps humans break out of their habitual patterns of thinking and acting. Mistakes are no longer a problem, but the pathway to a deeper relationship with both themselves and the horses. It’s not a straight path; society’s conditioning is so ingrained that shifting to a natural mindset feels uncomfortable. However, the struggle is worth the effort. In the end, both horses and humans are transformed with a new level of inner strength and flexibility.

Training goals?

 We are collaborating with like-minded professionals to create a series of programs and workshops. Following years of working with clients, we are refining several modalities and services that support an effective way of reinforcing the AlphA Mindset, the foundation of Natural Humanship™. As plans for coursework and certification develop through the business, Bruce’s training plans for his own horses are geared toward liberty work and riding for pleasure.

Phone: (803) 420-6996

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