Colorado’s Western Dressage Association Welcomes Lynn Palm

Western Dressage Clinic participant Renee Anderson. (Photo: ©COHS)

With its roots in Colorado dating back to 2010, Western Dressage has a huge following of enthusiasts. Recently, the Publisher of Colorado Horse Source magazine Karen Pickering was invited by the Western Dressage Association of Colorado to the Lynn Palm clinic at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Castle Rock. Palm …

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Ty Friedrich and Broke-N-Rode Ranch – Livingston, Montana Trainer Focuses on Faith and the Three Rs in Training

Photos by Sarah Friedrich

Name? Ty Friedrich   Farm or Ranch Name? Broke-N-Rode Ranch (BNRR)   Where are you located? Livingston, Montana   What aspect of the horse business are you involved with? We specialize in Western riding, equitation, performance; also, basic reining, cutting and cowhorse as well as trail and obstacle work. We …

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Training Transitions – This Vital Exercise Should be Part of Every Training Session

Extended trot results from many transitions from working trot to a extended and back again.

As a young and serious rider my teacher would often tell me, “You need to work on your transitions more.” I’d do as I was told, but I never really understood why. I didn’t find them easy or fun, and neither did my horse. Now I’m wearing the instructor’s hat, …

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