Trail Savvy: How to Purify Water

Avoid Waterborne Disease in Remote Areas This isn’t the stone age, and we’re civilized. We shouldn’t drink out of ponds, puddles, or streams anymore. When we extend our adventures and visit remote areas that don’t have reliable, clean water sources, we need a dependable way to ensure that our drinking …

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Trail Savvy: The 10 Trail-Riding Essentials

Images Courtesy Robert Eversole, TrailMeister

Pair these tools with common sense for a great ride. Back in the early 1930s, a group of mountaineers in the Pacific Northwest created the 10 Essentials; a list of items intended to help you respond positively in an accident or emergency and help you safely spend an unplanned night …

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First Aid Skills Worth Knowing – Learn How to Give Life Saving Help in a Remote Setting

Photo from Robert Eversole

One of the many pleasures of trail riding and camping with our ponies is that we get to escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy well-earned quiet time. Unfortunately, getting away from suburbia also means you’re farther from emergency responders in the case of an accident or illness. For decades …

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