Trail Savvy: The 10 Trail-Riding Essentials

Images Courtesy Robert Eversole, TrailMeister

Pair these tools with common sense for a great ride. Back in the early 1930s, a group of mountaineers in the Pacific Northwest created the 10 Essentials; a list of items intended to help you respond positively in an accident or emergency and help you safely spend an unplanned night …

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Small Farm Makeover: Will the Barn You Build Be Good for the Neighborhood?


Sensitivity in Barn Design as a Steward of the Land Land development comes with responsibilities that go beyond paying taxes and keeping the grass, cover crop, or woods maintained. Ideally, when property owners seek to construct permanent structures, such as houses and barns, consideration for all aspects of environmental impact …

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Morris Animal Foundation Announces Funding for Equine Behavior Studies

The studies will help veterinary scientists improve the well-being of horses. Morris Animal Foundation, a leader in advancing animal health, recently announced the selection of five new equine-behavior studies receiving funding in 2022. Dr. Wendy Koch, a veterinarian who has supported the Foundation for 30 years, provided funding for awarded …

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Stallions – Can We Improve their Welfare? Alternative Methods for the Management of Breeding Stallions

Ulke Jildert, a purebred Friesian stallion owned by Dawn Ianson of British Columbia. Photo permission of Dawn Ianson

Breeding stallions are some of the most expensive horses in the world.  Their semen can sell for millions of dollars so it’s reasonable for their owners to want to keep them safe. This commercial value has often led to stallions being kept in conditions that limit their ability to express …

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