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Head to Hoof® Products Help Senior Horse Regain Health

The Sturdy Horse, located in Del Norte, Colorado, researches, develops, and manufactures products made from hemp seeds that help humans, horses, and pets. 

One horse, Peaches, a 29-year-old Quarter Horse with extreme malnutrition due to negligence, was checked over by a veterinarian in May 2023. She had her teeth cared for, and then her owners started her on soaked senior feed, rice bran, and alfalfa pellets. By June, Peaches’ energy was increasing and she was putting on weight—very slowly. Her ribs still showed, she had some bald patches on her belly, and her coat was dull. 

Peaches in May 2023.
Photo credit Jessie Peck Martin.
Peaches in July 6th 2023 when just beginning Sturdy Horse products and her new feed regimen. Photo credit Monte Robertson.

The Sturdy Horse products were then added into her diet in July 2023: the digestive aid supplement, Forco®; Head to Hoof® Omega + Balance Top Dressing Oil; and Head to Hoof® Ground Hemp.

By July Peaches’ coat continued to improve, as did her energy level. The top dressing oil was cut back slightly and she was allowed to graze in the hay field for about an hour each morning. By September, four months of nutrition and love had completed her transformation. 

Peaches is now sassy and shiny, and her owners are grateful for what the Head to Hoof® and other Sturdy Horse products have done for her. She would not be the healthy and happy horse she is today without them.

The Sturdy Horse
Peaches July 27, 2023. 3 weeks after starting Sturdy Horse Products.
Photo provided by Andrea Robertson.
Peaches November 16, 2023. Sassy & shiny!
Photo provided by her current caretaker, Kristi Colville.

Hemp is a superfood for you, your horses, and your pets! The Sturdy Horse does not use fillers, additives, synthetics, or preservatives.

For more information and to order products visit The Sturdy Horse website at

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