Horizon Structures Presents Series: Life As The Showrunner On Your New Horse Farm Project

Courtesy of Horizon Structures

Every creative project needs a showrunner. Did you know that even the familiar decision-making positions in the TV and film industry such as Directors and Producers are actually below the Showrunner in the pecking order? The showrunner has ultimate creative authority and management over a program. In the case of developing a …

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Small Farm Makeover: Will the Barn You Build Be Good for the Neighborhood?


Sensitivity in Barn Design as a Steward of the Land Land development comes with responsibilities that go beyond paying taxes and keeping the grass, cover crop, or woods maintained. Ideally, when property owners seek to construct permanent structures, such as houses and barns, consideration for all aspects of environmental impact …

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Here Comes the Sun – It’s Not Good for Everyone

A well-ventilated run-in shed keeps horses comfortable on the hottest of days. Photo by Kim Roe

The bountiful benefits of the sun’s rays bring joy to the hearts of horses and humans, especially for the winter-weary residents of colder climes. But the sun is not good for everyone. Staying sheltered from the heat and burning beams can be especially important for creatures great and small, especially …

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Out of The Sun for Everyone – Pavilions are a Perfect Addition for Horse Facilities

Photo from Horizon Structures

If you’ve ever spent the day working in the heat under the glare of full sun in the “dog days of summer” then you know firsthand how heat exhaustion and sunburn can creep up on you. As a clinician, I have certainly spent my fair share of time giving instruction …

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Online Exclusive: Barn Color Choice Matters 

Exterior Colors are Important for Beauty and Comfort By Nikki Alvin-Smith for Horizon Structures There are many decisions to make when building a new barn. One of the less-thought-about options is often the barn color. The selection of the perfect exterior color for the new barn at your property hinges …

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