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Introducing a complete line of equine fly control products including sprays, masks and premise protection.

Now give your horses the proven, effective, insect protection they deserve. The Force line lets you select just the right amount of treatment for any situation, whether you want quick insect knockdown and kill, long lasting repellency or natural protection that is safe around children and pets, Force has the protection you want backed by proven performance.

Manna Pro’s products have been trusted for generations. We take that responsibility very seriously, which is why we continuously strive to provide the highest quality products at a great value. Whether you raise a backyard flock of chickens, champion show horses or a herd of dairy goats, we aim to make your goals our own because that’s what it takes to provide the best. If it has our name and logo on the package, you can be confident in the product inside.






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(Winner Drawn August 31st)


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