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Celebrating the Spirit of the Horse!



Northwest Horse Fair & Expo 2017
Everything equine will be offered for the education and enjoyment of horse lovers, at the 18th annual Northwest Horse Fair & Expo 2017, presented by Akins Trailer Sales!

Everything equine will be offered for the education and enjoyment of horse lovers, at the 18th annual Northwest Horse Fair & Expo 2017, presented by Akins Trailer Sales! The expo runs March 24, 25, and 26 at the Linn County Fair and Expo Center in Albany, Oregon. The huge horse fair will feature world-class riders and horse trainers, breed demos and exhibits, a huge trade show, equine clinics, lectures, workshops, a model horse show, and even a chance to buy an Oregon mustang through a live auction!

Mustang Adoption Challenge– New!

For the first time ever, the Northwest Horse Fair and Expo will host a new event: the Mustang Adoption Challenge 2017, presented by the non-profit organization, Teens and Oregon Mustangs. Competitors acquired their mustangs through the program in December 2016, and will have three months to train and prepare the horses for the Challenge competition. The contest begins at 6pm on March 23 in the Akins Trailer Arena, and continues daily through March 26. Contestants will exhibit mustangs in three divisions: Youth in Hand; Youth Riding; and Adult Riding. Contenders and their mustangs will compete in a series of classes to include Overall Body Condition, Showmanship, In-Hand Trail, and Riding. And spectators have a chance to take a Mustang home! After completion of the Sunday finals of the competition, the mustangs will be live auctioned to help the trained mustangs find their forever homes. For more information on the Mustang Adoption Challenge 2017, go to

BreyerWest® – A Model Horse Show!!

Northwest Horse Fair & Expo 2017
Breyer® Horse Model Horse event, BreyerWest®, will return for the second year to the Northwest Horse Fair.

The Breyer® Horse Model Horse event, BreyerWest®, will return for the second year to the Northwest Horse Fair. “This was a popular event last year, for contestants, participants, and spectators, and we’re pleased to have the show back again!” said John Cloe, Event Founder and Manager. This fun model horse event features model horse hobby demonstrations, model horse shows, model hobby artistry and crafts, and lots of fun activities for children. A number of equine artists will teach workshops and seminars during the model horse show, including sculptors, painters, model horse tack-makers and model hobby experts. Model horse shows will be held Friday and Saturday, and free Stablemates painting for kids 18 and under, plus demonstrations will be held all three days of the expo. Pre-registration is required for the Open Model Horse Show and the Youth and Novice Model Horse Shows. For more information on the BreyerWest Model Horse Shows and activities, go to or follow BreyerWest 2017 on Facebook.

Engaging Equine Entertainment!

Northwest Horse Fair & Expo 2017
A wide-ranging mix of equine breeds, representing countries from all over the world will be on display, showing off their talents and strutting their stuff at the Northwest Horse Fair & Expo 2017! Photo Credit: Sibbea Browning of Entirely Equine Marketing

Always a family-friendly form of entertainment, the Northwest Horse Fair’s Breed Demos, Stallion Reviews and equine entertainment will provide a medley of everything equine! A wide-ranging mix of equine breeds, representing countries from all over the world will be on display, showing off their talents and strutting their stuff! Fancy dancing Friesians, elegant Baroque breeds, dainty gaited horses, rugged Mustangs, and the “long ears” – mules and more – all will demonstrate the diversity of size, color and athletic abilities in equine! The colorful costumes and captivating choreography of the BlackPearl Friesian Dance Troupe “waltzing” to music, will wind their way into the hearts of horse lovers, young and old. Fast and furious, the Brokenridge Drill Team will ramp up the action, as they perform fast-paced precision drills to music! And the Ecco Ridge Vaulters will exhibit amazing gymnastic maneuvers, while balanced on the back of a cantering horse!

Clinics with Top-Notch Riders & Trainers!

Top-notch riders and trainers from across the United States will teach a variety of clinics, lectures and workshops, throughout the weekend. The equine experts include: Ken McNabb (WY) teaching General Horsemanship; Van Hargis (TX) providing Ranch Versatility clinics; Jec Ballou (CA) presenting Conditioning & Fitness for Classical and Western Dressage Horses; Steve Edwards (AZ) working with Mules & Donkeys; Peggy Cummings (WA) featuring Connected Riding®; and Bonnie Davis (CA) giving workshops and lectures on Horse Camping & Trail Riding. In addition, radio and on-line TV host of Speaking with Horses, Wayne Williams (WI), will be on hand.

Ken McNabb is well known to thousands of equine enthusiasts, through his RFD-TV program, Discovering the Horseman Within. Ken is a true blue American cowboy with 30 plus years of experience in the saddle, and years of successful training of horses and riders. Ken is passionate about helping others gain knowledge and confidence to achieve a new level of horsemanship. Ken will provide a number of clinics at the Northwest Horse Fair: a two part clinic on “Colt Starting”; “Whoa Means Whoa”; “Overcoming Obstacles on the Trail” and “Simplifying Leads and Lead Changes”.

Van Hargis is known as one of today’s most versatile horsemen and clinicians. He has trained and competed in show arena events, ranging from reining to calf roping, and he’s competed in the rodeo arena in the timed events. Van’s practical experiences in competitive events and on the ranch, coupled with a dynamic speaking ability, have made him one of the most exciting presenters and requested clinicians. At the Northwest Horse Fair, Van will present these clinics: “Ranch Versatility – Ranch Riding”;  “Creating a Winning Attitude in You & Your Horse – 4 Questions for Success”; and “Ranch Versatility – Ranch Cutting, Starting Your Horse on Cattle”. He’ll also offer two lectures: “Are you Focused on the Trail To Success?” and “Understanding Collection, Flexion & Suppleness”.

Through nationwide clinics, private coaching and published resources, Jec A. Ballou delivers straightforward tools to help equine athletes across multiple disciplines. She combines an expertise in horse fitness and a life-long study of classical dressage. A proponent of interdisciplinary study, Jec’s teaching and methods can improve all performance horses. Jec has trained and competed through the FEI Dressage levels but has also competed in long distance trail riding, and a multitude of other disciplines. Since 2010 she has served as an advisor to the Western Dressage Association of America. At the Northwest Horse Fair & Expo 2017, Jec will present clinics in: “Cross Training Exercises for the Dressage Horse”; “Supremely Supple: Rules for a Looser Horse” and “Fitness Exercises to Improve the Canter”. She’ll also provide lectures on “Conditioning vs Schooling” and “Change Your Horse’s Posture”.

Steve Edwards has more than 40 years of experience teaching and training equines and helping people get along with them. Steve trains both mules and donkeys and educates humans through clinics, apprenticeships and individualized programs. Steve offers clinics on understanding and training mules, donkeys and their owners. He has started, trained, packed, driven, ridden, cared for, and gamed equines and mules. Steve will present daily clinics at the Northwest Horse Fair & Expo 2017, including: “Mule & Donkey Saddles, Bits & Tack”; “Why Does My Mule or Donkey Do That?”; “What are the Communication Differences Between a Mule, Horse & Donkey?”; and Steve will present one lecture: “So You Think You Want to Buy a Mule or Donkey?”.

With years of classical training, riding, teaching, and research, international clinician and author, Peggy Cummings has developed the Connected Riding® methods. Connected Riding® techniques support conventional riding methods by adding biomechanical tools that reduce the bracing patterns in horses and riders. Riders learn how to use their own bodies in new ways to enhance the performance of their horses, ride pain-free, and without resistance while having more fun doing it! At the Northwest Horse Fair & Expo 2017, Peggy will provide two clinics: “Are You & Your Horse Ready? Strategic Exercises Prepare Horses & Riders Together”, and “Found in Translation – Putting Words Into Feel”. Peggy will also provide daily lectures: “Ready or Not? How Do We Know When Our Horses Are Ready to Work?”; “Discovering What is ‘Real’ About the ‘Feel’ of Riding” and “Support for Your Riding & Horse Work”.

An avid trail rider and horse camper for over 50 years, Bonnie Davis has ridden and camped throughout the United States. Bonnie will share some of her vast experience and expertise in horse camping, providing three lectures at the Northwest Horse Fair & Expo 2017, including: “Horsecamping: Where to Go, How to Get There & Get Ready to Go”; “Horsecamping: Getting a Horse ‘Ready’ to Camp & Meeting Environmental Requirements”; and “Horsecamping: Feeds & Feeding, Water, Safety, Bears, Mountain Lions & Chipmunks – Oh My”.

A Giant Trade Show!

Shoppers can explore the largest equine-oriented trade show in Oregon! Two buildings housing rows of commercial booths, featuring horse trailers, clothing for riders, saddles, tack, equine products and services, gifts, home décor items, and much more!

Youth Day – Free Admission!

Sunday March 26 is KMTR Youth Day! Children aged 12 years and under get in free that day, when accompanied by a paying adult, plus 4-H and Pony Club members aged 13 to 18 years, get in free with their club ID cards.

Participation & More Info

Applications are now being accepted for participation at the Northwest Horse Fair & Expo 2017, including: trade show vendors, clinic participants, Stallion Review and Breed Showcase participants, sponsorships, and advertisers in the event program. Applications can be viewed and printed at

For more details about the Northwest Horse Fair, including tickets, hours and admission, go to, email, call 765-655-2107, or join us for late breaking details and excitement, on Facebook and Twitter.

Sponsors for the Northwest Horse Fair & Expo 2017 include: Akins Trailer Sales, the presenting sponsor; Beelart Embroidery; KMTR-TV, Youth Day sponsor;  KRKT; Logan Coach Trailers; Northwest Rider Magazine, the official publication of the Northwest Horse Fair and Expo; Phoenix Inn & Suites, the hosting hotel for the Northwest Horse Fair & Expo 2017; and Wilco.

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