Purina Animal Nutrition Launches New Products to Help Horses Stay Hydrated and Support Joint Health

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With more than 100 years of trusted science and dedication to animal nutrition, Purina Animal Nutrition is expanding its line of equine products to include three electrolyte supplements, a joint supplement and a hydration hay block product. The supplements have been developed through a partnership with U.K. based Science Supplements. They include ElectroEase Electrolyte Supplement – geared for performance horses with technology that helps maintain hydration without irritating the stomach. ElectroEase Electrolyte Paste Supplement – developed for use right after strenuous exercise, competition or traveling, or during prolonged exercise. Contains twice the electrolytes of most paste products. HydraSalt Salt Supplement provides horses of all classes with the sodium needed in proportion to what is typically lost in sweat to help maintain proper hydration. Convenient powder form with minty flavor. FreedomFlex Joint Health Product –provides performance, hardworking and senior horses with premium grade types and levels of ingredients to support joints and mobility. A double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover research study showed results in as little as 14 days. 

Purina Animal Nutrition has also independently developed Hydration Hay Original Horse Hay Block, a forage product designed to keep horses hydrated after strenuous exercise or while on the road.  Each two pound block soaks up five times its weight in water in about 10 minutes and masks the taste of foreign water sources, supplements and medications. To learn more about these supplements, visit www.purinahorsesupplements.com or visit your Purina® feed retailer.


Published September 2013 Issue

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