Arena Footing Considerations – Advice from an Arena Contractor

An arena built and maintained by Murray Gudmundson Jr Construction Inc. Photo by Jackie Gudmundson

When I moved to Washington in 2000, we were fortunate to buy a property that already had a barn and an all-weather 100 x 200-foot outdoor arena. I prefer riding outside, but at our new property, I made the decision to build a covered arena in the future. For now, …

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Willfully Guided: Dream Facility, Part Two

Making Decisions, Choosing Priorities By Allison Trimble   Twenty years of daydreaming about my dream facility is finally coming together. It turns out the reality is equal parts exciting and terrifying. Decisions can be hard to make, especially on amenities that I haven’t had much experience with on my janky …

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The Broke Horse: Part 2

 In the Saddle By Allison Trimble   Once a horse is being ridden, the wide range of disciplines can make defining a “broke” horse more of a challenge. The culmination of training for a working cow horse looks quite different than a finished hunter. In this article I will focus …

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The Broke Horse: Part 1

What Does it Mean When Trainers Say a Horse is Broke? By Allison Trimble   Hi Allison! Amateurs like me don’t really know what trainers mean when they talk about a broke horse. Would you explain what the term means and some tips for getting our horses there? Thanks, Dick …

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