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Grass Roots Affiliate of the NRHA Welcomes All


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Who is the Cowboy States Reining Horse Association? We are a grass roots affiliate of the National Reining Horse Association. We represent five states: North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Central and Eastern Montana, and Western Nebraska, but don’t limit our membership to those states alone.  Everyone is more than welcome!

What are the objectives of the CSRHA? We aim to promote and encourage the development of public interest in agriculture and ranching through the promotion of public reining horse shows; the development of suitable and proper standards of performance and judging intended to govern all reining horse contests sponsored and approved by the National Reining Horse Association; to encourage the development and breeding of better reining horses; and to develop and disseminate informational material deemed desirable to provide contestants and spectators a better understanding of a proper performance of the reining horse in the show arena.

What is the CSRHA’s purpose? We strive to promote and encourage interest and participation in the sport of reining through informational clinics and public reining horse shows. Our shows will adhere to the standards of performance and judging as set down by the National Reining Horse Association.

Check out the CSRHA at Our website will give you lots of good information including dates of upcoming events, points-of contact, and information about our NRHA affiliate. You may also visit us on Facebook and become a fan. Reining events in and around the great state of Wyoming are really starting to take off and flourish—we’d love to have you join the fun! 


Published December 2011 Issue

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