Winter Hoof Pain – A Temporary but Serious Issue for Some Horses

For some horses, temperature drops bring the onset of relentless hoof pain. Photo by Kim Roe

Article by Eleanor M. Kellon, VMD for ECIR Group Inc. Frozen and lumpy ground can make any horse hesitant and short-strided but cold-induced hoof pain is something different. Most horses are energized by cooler weather, bucking and playing exuberantly. But for some horses, temperature drops mean the temporary onset of …

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Demystifying Hemp and CBD in the Equine – Nutritional and Medicinal Properties Abound in this Versatile Plant

Hemp is all the buzz these days, and for good reason. It’s a plant with literally thousands of uses. Hemp is used for clothing, fuel, paper and everything in between. It’s a weed and capable of growing in many different conditions with little fertilizer. Hemp is nutritious and can have medicinal …

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The Lonely Horse

Photo by Kim Roe

All equines are herd animals by nature. Like humans, horses need interaction with members of their own species in order to thrive. But as prey animals, it’s a biological imperative for equines to be part of a herd. The herd represents safety from predators for themselves and their offspring. Being …

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Equine Asthma

For nearly as long as horses have been domesticated, the relationship between barn confinement and respiratory disease in the horse has been recognized. This relationship is intuitive, especially when we consider that deep in the lung where the blood takes up oxygen, the barrier between the outside air and the horse’s circulation …

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