Horse Power


The Beauty of Equine Movement by Don Blazer   Television commercials often show the world what the horse does best—move. A good example includes the popular ads for Budweiser: “Here comes the king, here comes the big number one!” And here come those famous Clydesdales. With feathers floating, 32 hooves …

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How to Buy Your Perfect Horse

Feather Vet Check

The Four Rules of Horse Buying by Don Blazer, Horse Courses Online   To buy a good horse—the best horse for you—it’ important to use a little horse sense and not let emotion get the best of you. Before you start shopping, determine what you want; write down the requirements. …

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The Horse Soldiers


History, Horses and the Father of the American Cavalry by Don Blazer, Horse Courses Online   The Fourth of July is the birthday of our nation. It’s the day we declared independence from foreign rule yet, curiously, it was foreign aid that helped us win our freedom. While historians say …

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Made for Moving

Understanding Your Horse’s Gait and Footfall Sequence by Don Blazer, Horse Courses Online   Horses and mankind have been doing a lot of moving together for the past 5,000 years and yet, amazingly, few horsemen actually know how a horse moves. Of course he puts one foot in front of …

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How to Find the Best Trainer for Your Horse

Two Things that Set Great Trainer’s Apart by Don Blazer, Horse Courses Online   Some trainers are simply gifted athletes with a natural feel for a horse.  Some are great communicators. Still others just have a flare for presentation and showmanship.  There are okay trainers and good trainers, but certain …

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Are You Still Breeding to Make Money?

The True Cost of Raising a Foal by Don Blazer, Horse Courses Online     With spring in the air the thought of breeding a favorite mare is enticing. While it’s a personal decision, the chances of making money by selling the foal are slim and none. Unless you can answer …

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The Eyes Have It

Fascinating Facts about Equine Eyesight by Don Blazer   Horses have remarkable eyes. They can, at one time or another, and sometimes in combination, have a feather in the eye, a glass eye, a pig eye, a smoky eye or a walleye. In addition they have both monocular and binocular …

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