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Grateful for New Friends and Old

Lately I’ve been missing my family and friends in Washington State. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to start over somewhere new after living in the same place my entire life. But I do appreciate the warm welcome that so many Coloradans have given us since arriving here and the support I’ve received as I start a new publication.

I’m thankful for new friends and new opportunities as I begin my second year in Colorado and the second season of the Colorado Horse Source. I’m also grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Colorado Horse Council and all the good they are doing for the horse industry. 

I hope to reconnect with more of the people I met at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo last year. It was a sad time for me as I lost my beloved horse, April, during the expo and just wasn’t myself. Regrettably, I missed the chance to connect because of my sorrow. This year’s expo will be over by the time this issue comes out, and I will hopefully be traveling back to the Northwest for two expos in March and April, reconnecting with friends and customers in that region.

Over 27 years ago I dreamed of starting a horse magazine in the Northwest. I’ve realized that dream! I’ve enjoyed a lifetime with my friends, colleagues and customers and experienced working in the horse industry for most of my adult life. We worked long hours when we started the Northwest Horse Source and I’ve not forgotten all the support I received from coworkers at my then-job, my mom who stood by me, my sister who edited the magazine for several years, and my husband, Mark, who kept the technology working so we could run the magazine. 

As I embarked on this new adventure, dragging my home, farm, horses, husband, and business 1500 miles, I was (and continue to be) hopeful I can start again in Colorado.

While I’m still connected to family and friends in the Northwest, I look forward to all the people and horses I will meet here in Colorado. I could never have made this move without the support of my Northwest family and am eternally grateful. 

Now I’m living my dream in Colorado! Thank you to new friends and new customers here and old friends and customers in the Northwest who have helped me launch this new publication. I’m blessed and grateful to have such dedicated support.

I’m looking forward to meeting more people and doing all I can to support the horse industry in Colorado. I welcome comments directly at

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