HSUS Cashes In On PZP Sales While Wild Horses, Native Wildlife and Range Health Continue To Suffer

Funding in the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) budget for wild horse roundups has been cut by $5.9 million, as part of the federal spending bill signed into law in early March 2024.  Ironically, this move came directly on the heels of a Nevada Wildlife Commission meeting and endorsement of …

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Trainer’s Corner: My Journey with “Journey” the Mustang – Part 4

Matt and Journey the Mustang. Photo Courtesy Alayne Blickle.

Competition Day and Beyond At the end of our last article, I’d been out of town judging shows and wishing I had more time to prepare my mustang, Journey, for the upcoming Mustang Mania Trainers Challenge (see the July/August issue). These mustang competitions demand a solid, trusting relationship between horse …

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Trainer’s Corner: My journey with “Journey” the Mustang – Part 3

Matt and Journey the Mustang. Photo Courtesy Alayne Blickle

Competitions and Opportunities Highlight Mustangs’ Qualities At the end of the last article, I’d finally saddled Journey, my formerly wild mustang who I was preparing for a 90-day competition, with a full-sized saddle after starting him with a kid’s saddle. Then life happened, and I had to be gone for …

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Trainer’s Corner: My Journey with “Journey” the Mustang – Part 2

Journey on Arrival. Photo Courtesy Matt Livengood

From BLM Holding to Accepting a Saddle In my first article in this series, I introduced you to Journey, my 4-year-old (formerly) wild mustang. I chose him by looking through photos of available mustangs for a 90-day mustang competition where competitors gentle and then ride wild horses. I brought Journey …

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New & Noteworthy: Mustang Heritage Foundation Partners with Extreme Cowboy Association

Mustang Heritage Foundation

The Mustang Heritage Foundation will partner with the Extreme Cowboy Association (EXCA) again for their 2023 World Championships. The EXCA World Championships will be held November 1-5, 2023, in Glen Rose, TX. As part of the World Championship, Mustang Heritage Foundation and EXCA will produce the New Partner Race, a …

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Business Profile: Mustang Ambassador Program

A Conversation with Susan Sutherland, Executive Director The Colorado Horse Source takes pride in featuring and supporting Colorado (and beyond) equine-related businesses. This helps our readers find the services and supplies they need to take the best possible care of their horses and properties. If you’re interested in having us …

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