Willfully Guided: Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Tips for Winter Horse Care

Allison’s son helping with winter chores. Photo by Allison Trimble.

This morning it was a balmy 27 degrees at the barn. We worry about mud management during the winter months, often forgetting about freezing temperatures until they are upon us. My horsey childhood in Alaska was spent more than half the year in the dark and cold of winter, so …

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Four Keys to a Successful Clinic Experience – How to Get the Most Out of a Group Learning Environment

Photo courtesy of Allison Trimble Paparoa

Early in my career, hungry for knowledge, I attended many clinics both as a participant and an auditor. Some of my favorites were with Bob Avila and Todd Bergen and I owe a lot of my success to those very experiences. Over my professional career I also gave many clinics, …

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The Gift of Horses – The Inherent Joy of Horse Ownership

Life weighs heavy this year. Faced with a worldwide pandemic, an election year, and heightened tension on several fronts, we’ve all felt the impact. Our business models have changed. Our family lives have adjusted. Yesterday, as my horses ripped down all my fences and were at a dead run on …

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Arena Footing Considerations – Advice from an Arena Contractor

An arena built and maintained by Murray Gudmundson Jr Construction Inc. Photo by Jackie Gudmundson

When I moved to Washington in 2000, we were fortunate to buy a property that already had a barn and an all-weather 100 x 200-foot outdoor arena. I prefer riding outside, but at our new property, I made the decision to build a covered arena in the future. For now, …

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