Trainer’s Corner: Philosophy on Training Mindset

Jessica Pancost finds emotion, ego, and time can make or break your efforts at training your horse.

By Jessica Pancost Consider These Three Elements for Every Ride One hot-button topic I’ve seen in the horse industry lately is the mindset you bring to the table training horses. As a trainer myself, I’d like to explore three particular subcategories of my own personal mindset I bring to the …

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Colorado’s Western Dressage Association Welcomes Lynn Palm

Western Dressage Clinic participant Renee Anderson. (Photo: ©COHS)

With its roots in Colorado dating back to 2010, Western Dressage has a huge following of enthusiasts. Recently, the Publisher of Colorado Horse Source magazine Karen Pickering was invited by the Western Dressage Association of Colorado to the Lynn Palm clinic at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Castle Rock. Palm …

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Horse Books: The Rider’s Guide to Living Your Best Life on Horseback

New Bolder, Braver, Brighter book by Coach Daniel Stewart full of confidence-building mental tools Coach Daniel Stewart, author of the hit equestrian workout Fit and Focused in 52, is back with new plans to power you up, bolster your confidence, and supply you with the mental tools you need to be …

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Riding Well Grounded – Straddle Pole

September 2014

Conquering the Straddle Pole by Marilyn Pineda   It is the Year of the Horse and we’ve definitely been having fun with horses at Fire Mountain Trail Course. A rigorous schedule of trail challenge events, training and practice has helped with mastering a variety of obstacles already this year. However, …

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Riding Well Grounded – Building Blocks for a Nice Side Pass

by Marilyn Pineda   One of my favorite accomplishments in horse training is being able to execute a nice side pass.  It demonstrates several basic ground training achievements: subtle bending in the neck; yielding to subtle pressure; moving the front quarters in both directions; moving the hindquarters in both directions; and …

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