Trail Savvy: “Don’t Pass the Jigger Boss” and Other Unwritten Rules of Trail Riding

(Photo Caption: “Our merry band of mule enthusiasts enjoyed time spent around the campfire as we worked towards solving the world’s problems and instructing young Hunter in the unwritten rules of ranch and camp life.”) Memorable Sayings Get Defined in the Bob Marshall Wilderness I recently had the opportunity to …

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Trail Savvy: Riding the Colorado Trail

Colorado Trail
Enjoying the splendor of the Colorado Trail horseback takes the vistas and experience to an entirely new level. Photo Courtesy of Colorado Trail Foundation

When Planning Your Next Trail-Riding Adventure, Consider a Trek Along the Colorado Trail. If you’re the kind of rider who enjoys high-country adventure, spectacular scenery, and lots of surprises, the Colorado Trail might be for you. Having ridden an 80-mile portion of the trail over four days through the Colorado …

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Trail Savvy: The 10 Trail-Riding Essentials

Images Courtesy Robert Eversole, TrailMeister

Pair these tools with common sense for a great ride. Back in the early 1930s, a group of mountaineers in the Pacific Northwest created the 10 Essentials; a list of items intended to help you respond positively in an accident or emergency and help you safely spend an unplanned night …

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